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This island is about 4 km out into the bay from Takamatsu Port. Along the coast is a stone wall, called ‘ote’, which was constructed around the town to protect it from the winds. This is Megijima’s special landscape, and it is famous in Japan as being the location of Onigashima (The Island of Ogres) in the fairytale Momo-taro. In the center of the island is a huge cave where an ogre is said to have lived. The ogre is still the symbol of the island. You can see the ogre at the lighthouse, as well as stone ogres along the streets.


Location Kagawa Prefecture
Area 2.67 km²
Population 169

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Megijima`s Appeal

There are walking paths all around, so you can take in the island sights as you stroll on foot. Near the harbor is the Megijima swimming area, where the water is clear and clean, and popular with swimmers in the summer months. You can also rent a bicylce for touring around the island (300 JPY per day, 700 JPT per day for e-cycle).

This is a piece of outdoor art created for the Setonai International Art Festival in 2010. There are 3,000 seagulls lined up on the dike. When the wind blows, they all change direction together. This piece visualizes the flow of the wind and the group behavior of the seagulls.

e cave is 400 meters long, and according to legend, is the place where the ogre of the Momo-taro story lived. Mascots of the ogres are on display, and you can become famliar with the world of Momo-taro here.

The observation tower is located at 188 meters atop Washigamine mountain. Here you can take in a panoramic 360 degree view of the ocean and its islands. At your feet is a map with the names of the island. The spot is also famous for its cherry blossoms in the spring.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…