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Seto Ohashi Kinen Park|瀬戸大橋記念公園

Seto Ohashi Kinen Park|瀬戸大橋記念公園
The Seto Ohashi bridge is the worlds largest automobile-train combined bridge, and the park is the renovated land of the Memorial Exposition. The Seto Ohashi Bridge stands as one of the largest civil engineering projects of the 20th century. The Seto Ohashi Commemorative Hall was built to celebrate its completion and opening to highway and railway traffic. Here you can enjoy informative moving dioramas and instructional images introducing the history and process of the bridge’s construction. The Commemorative Hall features four exhibition rooms, the Bridge Theater, a roof-top observation platform, and much more. Please do not forget to visit our Museum Shop, where you can buy outstanding souvenirs from Kagawa.


Address 6-13 Bannosumidoricho, Sakaide, 762-0065 Kagawa
Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed ・Monday *If Monday falls on a public holiday,  closed on Tuesday
・29 - 31 December
Admission Fee Free
TEL +81-87-745-2344
FAX +81-87-745-2419
Parking (Cars)   Yes
(Buses) Yes
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Toilet Yes
Best Season Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

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This park has a wonderful view of the Seto Ohashi Bridge

‣ In this expansive space there are large-scale play structures and grass-covered lawns, in addition to the Mizu-no-Kairo (Water Road), which is a fountain that takes the shape of a bridge.

‣ Feel as if you have entered another dimension as you seeming fly over the Seto Ohashi in the Bridge Theater’s stunning 360º film introduction featuring intense multi-audio sound effects! 

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…

Price ¥800 / Adult  (Group of 15 or more: ¥720)
¥500 / Child  (Group of 15 or more: ¥450)
Operation Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Duration 10 Minute(s)

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Access Information

Train ●JR Sakaide Station
Approx. 15 minutes from JR Sakaide Station on the Express Marine Liner.
Approx. 20 minutes from JR Sakaide Station by car or city bus. 
Car ●Sakaide IC
Approx. 20 minutes from Sakaide IC by car.
Air ●Takamatsu Airport
Approx. 50 minutes from Takamatsu Airport to JR Sakaide Station on Limousine Bus.
Approx. 20 minutes from JR Sakaide Station by car or city bus.