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From the lava plateau that looks like a roof, you can look out over the Seto Inland Sea, as it blends together with the islands and cityscape of Takamatsu. The drive to the summit is very popular, as you look out over the location where the famous Kagawa product aji stone is produced. At the summit, the 84th of the Shikoku 88 Holy Places (88 temples where pilgrims visit to rid themselves of bad luck and make wishes) is located at the Yashima Temple.  Although it is now connected, Yashima was a separate island in ancient times. It is said that a castle was built on top of the bluff, a natural protection against invaders from other lands.


Address Yashima, Takamatsu, 761-0113 Kagawa
Hours 6:30 am - 10:00 pm
Closed Open all year round
Parking Rate (Car) ¥300
(Motorbike) ¥200
(Bus) ¥1,200
TEL +81-87-841-9443
FAX +81-87-841-6765
Parking (Cars)   Yes
(Buses) Yes
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Toilet Yes
Best Season Spring / Autumn

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Historical battle site where samurai fought

‣ This is one site of the Genpei Battle, fought between two groups of samuri – the Genji and the Heike – in old Japan. 

‣ At Dannoura, the location where the Genpei Battle was fought, the Heiki hid their warship, and the archers prayed for their arrows to hit their target at the Inori-iwa (Praying Rock). Many ruins from this time tell the history.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…

Night Tours Yashima Night Tour Bus (Nightscape viewing)
Price ¥2,000
Price Free
Operation Hours -

Access Information

Train ●JR Yashima Station
Approx. 29 minutes from JR Takamatsu Station on the Kotoku Line.
Approx. 20 minutes from JR Yashima Station by car. 
Car ●Takamatsu Center IC
Approx. 30 minutes from Takamatsu Center IC by car.
Air ●Takamatsu Airport
Airport Limousine Bus available.
Approx. 45 minutes from Takamatsu Airport to JR Takamatsu Station. Approx. 
20 minutes from JR Takamatsu Station to JR Yashima Station by Kotoku Line.
Approx. 20 minutes from JR Yashima Station by car.

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