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This island is 35 minutes from Takamatsu Port, located almost exactly at the midpoint between Kagawa and Okayama prefectures. There are many attractions to introduce you to the rich natural environment of the island: an observation deck where you can look down over the many islands of the Seto Inland Sea, approximately 9 hectares of rice paddies, and white sand beach where you can swim in the blue ocean.


Location Kagawa Prefecture
Area 14.49 km²
Population 867

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Teshima`s Appeal

Fresh seafood and vegetables, rice, mandarin oranges, olives, lemons and strawberries are all produced here. In recent years several art museums have been built, and the island has become known for its integration of art into the natural landscape. There are many sloping roads on the island, so renting an electric bicycle or using the shuttle buses will be convenient for the visitor.

The museum stands on top of a hill surrounded by rice paddies, creating a beautiful environment that brings together nature, architecture and art. At several places inside the museum, there are natural springs, giving birth to the art piece ‘Matrix’.

This restaurant makes use of an abandoned house. You can taste creative dishes made from local ingredients from the island. The cooking is done by the mothers living on the island, with advice from a chef at the Tokyo Marunouchi Hotel.

A small art museum where you can hear the heartbeat of the people of the world. There is an installation where lights are synchronized with a heartbeat, a listening room where you can hear the heartbeat of people from all over the world, and a recording room where you can record your own heartbeat.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…