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Don’t be defeated by Coronavirus!

  Please accept my deepest sincere condolences to all people who passed away from Novel Coronavirus and their family.

And we hope that all people have been fighting against Nobel Coronavirus journey get better soon.

And then we truly appreciate all of healthcare workers to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus.

The spread of Novel Coronavirus in the world. 
  Novel Coronavirus epidemic is having a huge impact all over the world include Shikoku area.
For example, Touristic places temporarily close, Public transportation stops , Business hours change and etc.  
  The whole society may be exhausted from lockdowns and self-quarantine in the world.
  But we all have been though a lot of difficulties. 
  There are no rain that keeps falling.
  We are all together. Let’s do our best that we could and have to until this Nobel Coronavirus situation gets resolved.
We are looking forward to share happiness soon.