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(LT0009-37)Is it possible that children could trial Kimonos?
It is possible for over 4 years old regardless of sex to do that.
(LT0005-37)Is it possible that children could trial Kimonos?
It is possible for over 4 years old to do that. However we have Kimonos for girls not for boys so just girls could trial Kimono. Experience fee for children is same price for adults. We are really sorry about that and thank you for your understanding.
(LT0003-37 / LT0005-37 / LT0009-37)How long do we have to wait for Kimono wearing experience?
Usually you could start it as soon as you arrive but you may be waited in line a bit when some tour participants book at the same time yours. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
(LT0005-37)Can I borrow some goods and accessories when I reantal Kimono at Ritsurin Kouen Park?
Yes, you can. All including Geta (Japanese wooden clogs), Socks called Tabi and anything else. We can lend traditional umbrellas called Wagasa for free. Quantities are limited so first comes, first served. Please note that thank you.
(LT0005-37)Does hair and make up fee include Kimono rental at Ritsurin Kouen Park?
Yes, they do. But there are not professionals.
Thank you for your understanding.
(LT0005-37)Is it possible to hire a photographer for the Ritsurin Garden Kimono Experience Tour?
We apologize but we are not currently offering photographer services. If this is a special occasion, such as wedding photography, please get in touch with us through our special request form.


Cancellation Charge

We would like to know about cancellation policy
There would be a cancellation fee involved shown on each tour pages because of airlines and public transport are cancelled or delayed also in all kind of bad weather. We have many bookings every day so sorry but could not know all about travel disruptions.  We are afraid that we have to charge you cancellation flat fee according to our regulations for any cases. However we refund the full payment when we decide that it is hard to carry out tours because of too bad weather ex. typhoons or raining cats and dogs. We refund you exclude cancellation fee according to our regulations from the full payment by PayPal. There is a same day full cancellation fee and no refund at all. We would appreciate if you can take this into your consideration.