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Aizumicho Historical Museum|藍住町歴史館 藍の館

Aizumicho Historical Museum|藍住町歴史館 藍の館
Indigo (ai) is a blue die that is extracted from a plant. The die is also known as Japan Blue, and has been providing color to Japanese life since ancient times. There are several facilities in Tokushima where you can learn about indigo dying from experts, and at the Ai-no-Yakata, the refurbished house of an indigo trader that was turned into a museum, you can dye a handkerchief.The way you do this is tying off the parts you do not want to dye with rubber bands, and then dying it in the indigo dye until you get your desired color. This experience takes about 20 minutes, and you can take your finished product home with you.


Address 172 Aza Maezunishi, Tokumei, Aizumi-cho, Itano-gun 771-1212 Tokushima
Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Closed ・Tuesday ※If Tuesday falls on a public holiday, facility is open
・28 December - 1 January
Admission Fee ¥300 / Adult
¥150 / Child
TEL +81-88-692-6317
FAX +81-88-692-6346
Parking (Cars)   Yes
(Buses) Yes
Free Wi-Fi No
Toilet Yes
Best Season Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

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Experience the feeling of being a tranditional indigo craftsman

‣ Tokushima Province is number one in production of ‘sukumo’, a blue die made from fermented indigo leaves, and has supported the indigo dying industry all over Japan. 

‣ This dyer's home and factory, preserved from the era when the Awa indigo trade was flourishing, displays all of the tools of the trade. 

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…

Price ¥500 ~
Operation Hours 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Duration 30 Minute(s)

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Access Information

Train ●JR Shozui Station
15 minutes from JR Shozui Station by car. 
Car ●Itano IC
30 minutes from Itano IC by car.
Air ●Takamatsu Airport
70 minutes from Takamatsu Airport by National Route 193 and Tokushima Carriageway by car.