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Takamatsu Busshozan-cho is a town that has prospeed over its history as the gate-town to Honenji. In the town there are shops that have passed down through the generations.


Location Kagawa Prefecture

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Busshozan`s Appeal

Near Kotoden Busshozan station is the Onari-Kaido, a road that served as the pilgrimage path to Honenji for the local rulers during the Edo period.  (Onari means the arrival or departure of a person of high rank.) Every year this history is celebrated at the Fall Festival, where people dress as the daimyo local rulers and make a procession up this road. 

At Honenji you can see a reclining Buddha and a 5-tiered pagoda that was just finished in 2011. 

This area brings together a historical town landscape and a modern atmosphere.

There are also shops that are old houses or renovated buildings, now used as cafes or pastry shops.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…