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Cafe&Restaurant Kamitsubaki|神椿

Cafe&Restaurant Kamitsubaki|神椿
This cafe and restaurant is located inside the Konpira Shrine grounds. Produced by Shiseido Parlor, this site is popular for weddings as well. Shiseido Parlor is a pioneer in Western food in Japan, and is long-established in Ginza, Tokyo. The first floor is the cafe floor – you pay when you enter and then it is self-service. The cafe can be used as a resting spot on the Konpira Shrine pilgrimage. In addition to the drink menu, light meals and snacks featuring locally produced ingredients.


Address 892-1 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, 766-0001 Kagawa
Hours 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
*5:00 pm - 9:00 pm (Reservation required, accepted until 15:00 on the previous day)
Closed Open all year round
Admission Fee -
TEL +81-87-773-0202
FAX +81-87-773-0203
Parking (Cars)   Yes
(Buses) No
Free Wi-Fi Yes
Toilet Yes
Best Season Spring / Summer / Autumn / Winter

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A modern café located on the Konpira-san grounds

‣ The restaurant is on the basement floor. At lunch time The Kamitsubaki Lunch Plate, an arrangement of Shiseido Parlor’s traditional dishes, and Tsubaki Lunch Course, which changes each month, are available. There is also a wide range of a la carte dishes. 

‣ Dinner reservations can be made until the previous day, if you want to enjoy the luxurious course menu of enticing Shiseido Parlor dishes.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…

Price ¥1,000
Outline Based on green tea ice cream, and garnished with the traditional Kagawa sweets Oiri and Wasanbon.

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Access Information

Train ●JR Kotohira Station
30 minute walk from JR Kotohira Station, 15 minutes by car.
Approx 60 minutes from Takamatsu Station on the Dosan Line by way of the Yosan Line.
Approx 30 minute walk from Kotohira Station Kotoden.

●Kotoden Kotohira Station
Approx 60 minutes from Takamatsu Chikko Station by Kotohira Line.
Approx 25 minute walk from Kotoden Kotohira Station.
Car ●Zentsuji IC
Approx. 20 minutes from Zentsuji by car.
Air ●Takamatsu Airport
Airport Limousine Bus available.
Approx. 45 minutes from Takamatsu Airport to JR Kotohira Station.
Approx. 30 minute walk from Kotohira Station.