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Kochi Prefecture|高知県

Kochi Prefecture|高知県
Kochi Prefecture is blessed with beautiful and abundant nature under a shining sun such as the coastline with the Kuroshio Current (Japan Current), clear rivers such as the Shimanto River and deep green forests. It has a history and environment which produced many pioneers and great men such as Sakamoto Ryoma.
Kochi's free and daring characteristics have created generous yet deeply strong residents called "Igosso" or "Hachikin," and the wisdom and activity of the people of Kochi, who are full of ideas, gave birth to special gardening crops and industrial technologies. Also, the unique regional culture represented by "Yosakoi Festival" has been developed.


Area 7,105 km²
Population 757,914
Official Flower Yamamomo (Myrica rubra)

Official Tree Yanase Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica)

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Kochi Prefecture`s Appeal

There are a variety of cultural traditions that have been nurtured in Kochi over a long period of history, including “Tosa washi” – traditional handmade Japanese paper. Historical townscapes such as Kochi Castle, old sake breweries, traditional markets and railways are well preserved. These spots are popular with many local residents not just because of their value as historical legacies but also as symbols of their hometowns. The prefecture is dotted with hot springs where you can refresh yourself both physically and mentally while visiting these tourist spots.

Against a backdrop of the rugged Shikoku mountain range and overlooking the Pacific Ocean, Shikoku is a treasure house of nature and a paradise for outdoor activities as people can have nature-based experiences in the bountiful ocean, mountains and rivers. Fresh bounty from the ocean, mountains and rivers can be cooked and consumed on the spot. Shikoku offers opportunities for various experiences ranging from the active to the therapeutic.

Kochi is endowed with a warm climate and rich natural environment as well as an abundant variety of foods from the sea, mountains and rivers. Kochi is famous in Japan for its repertoire of delicious dishes ranging from the stunning “Sawachi cuisine” that represents the temperament of the people of Kochi Prefecture, comprising subtle but flavorful and nutritious dishes, and processed items based on innovative ideas. A number of questionnaire surveys have given Kochi the top spot on the list of prefectures offering delicious local specialty food.

Kochi holds a wide variety of festivals and events. They include the Yosakoi Festival, an energetic fiesta which draws Japanese and foreign dancers alike, and local festivals which are hundreds of years old. You will never tire of watching them, so please enjoy them if your itinerary enables you to visit one of these festivals.

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