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The weather of Kochi prefecture|高知県の気候

The weather of  Kochi prefecture|高知県の気候
It is hot and humid climates though the year in Kochi prefecture. Daylight hours are one of the most hours in Japan but it tends to rain all at once like squall. Also in summer you feel very humid because of hot and humid climates. In winter it hardly snows but sometimes does a lot in the mountains.


City Kochi city
East Longitude・North Latitude E133°32′N33°33′

Guidelines for clothes

Spring (Mar - May) It has still been chilly in March so you need to wear a coat, a jacket and etc. In April, the temperature generally starts to go up. It is better to take topcoats and jackets in April and prepare for cardigans and shirts in May. It is often terrible weather in April and May and better to prepare for rain gears.
Summer (Jun - Aug) It is getting a lot of precipitation in June and you feel hotter and more humid. You may want to take clothes what you would put on over a short sleeve. The temperature goes up over 35 degrees called extremely hot day depending on days. It is enough if you have shorts but take clothes what are supported by any weather in case that the air-conditioner is working in buses and trains.
Autumn (Sep - Nov) There are days recorded over 30 degrees to the middle of September. It is getting to be much colder from late September. Prepare for cardigans and shorts. It is generally getting down in October and we recommend you to take jackets and topcoats. It is getting to be even colder in November and need to prepare for thick coats.
Winter (Dec - Feb) It is rarely going down to - degrees in the day but really cold especially in the morning and evening. For sure thick coats, please take gloves and hats in order to keep from getting cold.