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Konpira Hotsprings Town|こんぴら温泉郷

Konpira Hotsprings Town|こんぴら温泉郷
Konpira Hotspring Town is in Kotohira-cho, which was historically the booming front-gate area of Kotohiragu Shrine. This shrine is affectionately known as Konpira-san, and is where Omono-nushi, the God of the Ocean, resides. The town is formed of hotels and inns that offer hotsprings. There are many levels of accommodation, from large-scale family-oriented hotels to fancy traditional inns. 


Location Kagawa Prefecture 

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Konpira Hotsprings Town`s Appeal

In most facilities there are outdoor hotspring baths, but if you want to enjoy the hotsprings in a private environment, make sure to choose a facility that has private baths. In the town, you will find souvenir shops, restaurants and bars, all focused on Kotohiragu. There are also Foot Hotspring Spas, where you can rest fully clothed with your feet in the soothing waters, concentrated in the town area. You will find the feeling of Japan from the good old days.

The sheer amount of water is impressive, but you will also enjoy the outdoor bath with a tub made from Japanese cypress, the Hana Roten, which has rose petals floating thin the water, or the Awa-Yu, which has bubbly water. 

In addition to having Shikoku's largest bath with six types of tub for both women and men, there is also the Kabuki-no-Yu, located in the middle of a traditional Japanese garden, and an outdoor bath with observation deck.

This 'Garden Inn' combines traditional 'sukiya' design and modern architecture. The outdoor bath is uniquely surrounded by bamboo woods, for both the men's and women's sides.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…