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Mitoyo / Shonai Peninsula|三豊

Mitoyo / Shonai Peninsula|三豊
The peninsula juts out sharply into the Seto Inland Sea in the western part of Kagawa Prefecture. Bounded on three sides by the ocean is Shiudeyama, located in the center of the peninsula.


Location Kagawa Prefecture
Area 222.7 km²
Population 62,725
Official Flower Marguerite

Official Tree Japanese Cherry Blossoms (Sakura)

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Mitoyo`s Appeal

The Shonai Peninsula is where Urashima Taro, the main character in the children's story bearing the same name, was born and raised. There are many places all over the island with names linked to the story.

The Flower Park Urashima, a broad expanse of flowers that includes marguerite daisy,  marigold, and cosmos, is also popular. The beauty of the marguerite daisies that bloom in May is extraordinary, and there is a flower picking event that is open to the public (paid). 

Shiudeyama is well known for its flowers, and you can take in the beauty of the cherry blossoms in April and the hydrangea in May-June. The view from the summit observation deck is lovely – especially as the sun sets over the ocean. 

Chichibugahama is a beautiful, 1km-long stretch of beach located in Mitoyo City. Perhaps you have heard of the famous Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia; this world-famous photo spot is known for its seamless reflection of the sky after rainwater collects in the low-lying flat, creating a natural mirror for many kilometers.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…