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This island is a 40 minute ferry ride from Takamatsu Port.  There is not much flat land on the island, and the clustered villages are tied together in a maze-like pattern of stone steps and sloping roads. In the northern reaches of the island there is a lighthouse that was built in 1895. Constructed of stone, this makes it rare, as far as Japanese lighthouses go. The lighthouse is still a beacon of safety for the boat traffic on the Seto Inland Sea. In January and February, the daffodils bloom all around the lighthouse. 


Location Kagawa Prefecture
Area 1.34 km²
Population 172

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Ogijima`s Appeal

The islands specialty product is octopus, and you can try the local octopus dishes in restaurants around the island – such as octopus rice and octopus tempura. You can explore the island on foot, as well as renting bicycles (500 JPY for 3 hours, deposit of 3,000 JPY required).

Colorfully painted walls can be found around the villages. The painting is done direclty onto the walls of the village houses. The local sights are painted onto the scrap wood collected around the island.

This is a piece of artwork from the Setouchi Triennale. It is currently used as the Ogi Community Hall, the tourism center and location of the ferry arrival / departure waiting room. On the roof are carved the words for wind and wave in eight languages.

‘Onba’ is a type of wheelbarrow, which has been restored and painted, and is now a three-dimensional piece of art. Literally ‘onba’ means pram, and is often used to carry things through the narrow roads of Ogijima.

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…