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Shodoshima Hotspring Town|小豆島温泉郷

Shodoshima Hotspring Town|小豆島温泉郷
From its vantage point in the middle of the Setonai Sea, Shodoshima is surrounded by 360 degrees of the nature’s bounty, and blessed with a warm climate is a year-roud resort island. There are many inviting tourist attractions here, including Ni-ju-shi-no-Hitomi Eigamura, Kankakei gorge and the Olive Park, and it is most common for visitors to spend a nights here to explore the island fully. The hotels and inns with hotsprings facilities are the most popular.


Location Kagawa Prefecture
Area 95.63 km²
Population 28,067

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Shodoshima Hotspring Town`s Appeal

The most common ways to enjoy the hotsprings are in the open outdoor ‘rotenburo’ baths and the large indoor communal ‘daiyokujo’ baths. Many baths are equipped with shampoo, soap, hairdriers and other necessities that the guest can use for free. There are facilities that welcome day-trips as well.

This hotel was chosen as one of the top three national 'Beautiful Sunset Hotels', so you will surely be moved by the view of the sunset from the outdoor hotspring bath. The slightly unctuous water is said to be very good for beautifying the skin. 

The "Olive Bath", located where the waves roll up to the beach, is a popular outdoor bath. There are also Executive Rooms on the top floor which have their own personal hotspring bath.

The Tenbo Furo (Observation Bath), constructed on the 12th floor has floor-to-ceiling and ceiling glass, giving you a fantastic view. The blue day sky that expands over your head is transformed into a star-lit night sky, and you can relax in the hotspring under the light of the moon. 

An experience you won`t find anywhere else…