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Direct bus from Takamatsu Airport to Kanonji in operation!

Let's go to Kanonji with its many attractions!

What is Kanonji like?

"Kanonji" is popular area that has attracted a lot of attention from domestic and international visitors in recent years.
Why not take a trip to Kanonji for a bit? Kanonji is located in the westernmost part of Kagawa Prefecture, in the centre of Shikoku area, and is a town where the charm of good old Japan and the breath of nature are in harmony.
The entire town is surrounded by beautiful nature, and the surrounding mountains and the beautiful scenery of the Seto Inland Sea make it a great place for a stroll. The scenery of Kanonji, which changes with the seasons and with the time of day, offers a truly relaxing time to forget the busyness of everyday life.
There are also many photogenic spots, which are indispensable for recent trips, and you are sure to take the best photos!
"Kanonji", full of Japanese traditions and beautiful nature, will make your trip even more wonderful.

Enjoy Kanonji to the fullest Recommended spots!

Tori Gate to the Sky "Takaya Shrine"

3 minutes up a steep slope from the car park, the Torii gateway with its spectacular view comes into view. The torii gate, also known as the "Torii in the sky", is a spectacular sight that cannot be seen anywhere else, standing as if it were floating in the sky with the blue Seto Inland Sea in the background. Another attraction is the beautiful scenery, which changes with the time of day, from the beautiful Seto Inland Sea in the daytime to the fantastic sunset in the evening.


Unpenji Summit Park "Swing in The Sky"

Unpenji Summit Park, sitting on the crest of a hill 920m up, is a park with a spectacular view that stretches out beyond the ropeway for a 7-minute aerial walk. The park offers a panoramic view of the Mitoyo Plain and the Seto Inland Sea, and when the visibility is good, you can see as far as the Seto-ohashi Bridge, Okayama and Hiroshima Prefectures. There are many instagrammable photo frames in the park, and among them is a thrilling swing called "The Swing in The Sky", which has become a hot topic on social networking sites, "As if you were playing on a cloud!" Why not refresh yourself at the park in the sky, where the sky meets the sea, and get away from the everyday life?


Zenigata Sunae (Kotohiki Park)

Kotohiki Park is a 48 ha expanse of black pine habitat located in the Ariakehama area facing the Seto Inland Sea. In the middle of the pine forest on a white-sand beach, there is a huge sand picture with the inscription ‘Kan’ei Tshuho’. Kan’ei Tsuho is a currency that was used in the Edo period. The sand picture is 122 m east-to-west, 90 km north-to-south, and has a 345 meter circumference. According to legend, the picture was constructed in one night as part of an effort to welcome the local rulers in 1633. The sand picture area is off-limits, but you can look down on it from the summit observation deck in Kotohiki Park. The nice round shape is very clear from this vantage point.


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You can easily go to Kanonji from Takamatsu Airport by a direct limousine bus!

Takamatsu Airport ⇔ Kanonji ⇔ Shikoku Chuo City

There is a direct limousine bus service from Takamatsu Airport to Shikokuchuo City (Ehime Prefecture) via Kanonji. It is very convenient for a short stopover in Kanonji when visiting Dogo Onsen (Matsuyama). The bus runs 12 times a day so you can make use of this convenient means of transport to arrange your trip to coincide with your flight arrival or departure.

〇Limousine bus timetable

Takamatsu Airport ⇒ Kanonji ⇒ Shikoku Chuo City
  No.2 No.4 No.6 No.8 No.10 No.12
Takamatsu Airport 09:40 11:15 13:40 15:45 17:10 20:10
Ayagawa Station 10:00 11:35 14:00 16:05 17:30 20:30
Express Marugame 10:17 11:52 14:17 16:22 17:47 20:47
Express Zentsuji 10:20 11:55 14:20 16:25 17:50 20:50
Express Kanonji 10:33 12:08 14:33 16:38 18:03 21:03
Mishima-Kawanoe IC 10:47 12:22 14:47 16:52 18:17 21:17
Iyo-Mishima Station 10:58 12:33 14:58 17:03 18:28 21:28
Shikoku Chuo Bus Stop 11:03 12:38 15:03 17:08 18:33 21:33

Shikoku Chuo City ⇒ Kanonji ⇒ Takamatsu Airport
  No.1 No.3 No.5 No.7 No.9 No.11
Shikoku Chuo Bus Stop 07:17 09:27 11:27 13:27 15:17 17:32
Iyo-Mishima Station 07:22 09:32 11:32 13:32 15:22 17:37
Entrance of Mishima-Kawanoe IC 07:33 09:43 11:43 13:43 15:33 17:48
Mishima-Kawanoe IC 07:35 09:45 11:45 13:45 15:35 17:50
Express Kanonji 07:47 09:57 11:57 13:57 15:47 18:02
Express Zentsuji 08:00 10:10 12:10 14:10 16:00 18:15
Express Marugame 08:03 10:13 12:13 14:13 16:03 18:18
Ayagawa Station 08:20 10:30 12:30 14:30 16:20 18:35
Takamatsu Airport 08:40 10:50 12:50 14:50 16:40 18:55


〇Limousine bus fares (one-way)

Shikoku Chuo Bus Stop ⇔ Takamatsu Airport・Ayagawa Station ¥2,400
Iyo-Mishima Station ⇔ Takamatsu Airport・Ayagawa Station ¥2,400
Entrance of Mishima-Kawanoe IC ⇔ Takamatsu Airport・Ayagawa Station ¥2,400
Express Kanonji ⇔ Takamatsu Airport・Ayagawa Station ¥2,000
Express Zentsuji ⇔ Takamatsu Airport・Ayagawa Station ¥1,400
Express Marugame ⇔ Takamatsu Airport・Ayagawa Station ¥1,400
Ayagawa Station ⇔ Takamatsu Airport ¥600

*Children of primary schools age and under pay half the adult fare.
*Boarding is possible without a reservation, but advance booking is recommended for secure.
*The times shown in the timetable are standard journey times and may be delayed slightly due to traffic conditions. Please be aware of this in advance.


For reservations and enquiries, click HERE


Take a charter taxi for sightseeing after arriving in Kanonji♪

Charter Taxi Plan in Western Kagawa Prefecture

Customers who are worried about transport after arriving in Kanonji by limousine bus from Takamatsu Airport! Don't worry! After arriving in Kanonji, you can enjoy your trip in a charter taxi with a professional sightseeing driver. You can visit photo spots! Or go on a local food tour! The itinerary can be toured according to the customer's wishes. Of course, our local drivers can also make recommendations for you. After getting off the airport limousine bus, enjoy Kanonji to the fullest in a charter taxi♪


4-hour course ¥30,500¥12,500
8-hour course ¥61,000¥25,000

Click HERE for details and reservations of the charter taxi plan


So, Take a trip from Takamatsu Airport to Kanonji